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What dreams may come?

A new website is urging students to upload their dreams as part of a new study into the subconscious. Now I assume they mean that the students will write about their dreams, not actually upload them Inception stylee. In the Leonardo De Caprio blockbuster directed by Christopher Nolan a team of dream experts infiltrate the subconscious of a target to extract industrial information to sell to a competitor. It’s corporate espionage taken to a new level. It’s an intriguing concept and the movie does a good job of carrying you along amidst all the hokum without making you sit up and realise at any time that it’s all nonsense. In fact the clever thing with the direction is that the director is invading your mind with his movie and engineering a suspension of disbelief so effectively that you miss the red herrings and the various signs throughout the movie which give the game away vis a vis the central character and his ‘problem’. Perhaps students from Ongar, Purfleet, Romford have the answer?

The University of Essex study is flawed in my opinion. How often does one wake up and accurately remember the events of a dream or do I dream differently to everybody else. My dreams feel real enough when I’m in them, in a sort of confused, hopping about, small moments of perception kind of way. I respond to events in my dreams but everything is ephemeral and I jump in and out of the ‘story’. The only think I’m reasonably certain about is the setting for my dreams. Always in some kind of institution or large building with multiple levels, rooms and spaces. Always involving some sort of threat to my person. But if you ask me to pin things down then all I can usually remember is some event from the dream I am experiencing immediately before I wake up. What if the earlier dreams are the most insightful, most important?

I wonder if the study is just to capitalise on the popularity of the movie to get students engaged in some sort of research or whether an individual student is doing this easy research as part of an individual thesis? As I wrote earlier, I suspect that all they will get at best are vague memories of the last moments of a dream and at worst all the dream clichés about flying and falling etc. At the very worst they will get really pretentious trollop I fear.

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