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That's Tan-tastic!

I passed a young woman in the street the other day and she was bright orange, and it was deliberate. I’m amazed at the whole fake tan thing. I wonder how many guys like it when their girl slaps on a pint of orange paint before hitting the town on a night out? It seems popular enough and you even see rich and famous celebrities who have liberally applied fake tan. I’d like to see these folks naked when they get back from a night out, do they have a white patch around the bits that were covered up? Do they need to have a late night shower to rinse off the paint before hitting the sheets? If you get hot and frisky when you get home do you as the guy end up with orange palms and an orange tongue? All mysteries that need to be solved I think if world harmony is to be maintained.

I guess it’s better than a sun bed given the health risks we keep hearing about? Not sure. Why not try going natural? As Hamlet said “God hath given you one face and you make yourselves another...” Personally I find the natural look more attractive but then I’ve never been a fashion icon or a party animal myself so what do I know. And as a guy I’ve never been out on the pull for a bloke so I couldn’t begin to understand the pressures on a woman to ‘look good’ and of course fit in with her European Escort friends who are all slapping it on like there’s no tomorrow.

Superdrug recently carried out a poll on its website and discovered that woman on average spend an entire month of their lives applying fake tanning lotion! I’m a little dubious about these findings myself mind – how long has fake tan been around? They must be taking the numbers for one month or a year or whatever then extrapolating the conclusion by multiplying over a lifetime.

Women in Billericay, Ongar and Purfleet along with their female counterparts across Essex are hitting the fake tan with a vengeance!

It surely can’t be that long before you can take a pill, Willy Wonka style, that will change your colour to the desired level of tanning. I wonder if the obviously fake orange of the spray on tan will still be popular. I must admit that a tanned, nubile, beautiful girl such as many of the visiting escorts here is a very sexy sight for me and for many other men I’m sure so the practice of applying tan will go on for some time no doubt. We equate tanned with healthy, outdoorsy, beach loving babes and so women will aspire to the look – if fake tan stops folks using sun beds then all to the good I suppose.

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