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Summertime Blues

As usual the English weather is getting in the way of enjoying an English summer. But with the exchange rate being what it is I had hoped to get away with the girls somewhere on these shores. I've never been to Cornwall and had thought about St Ives because a man I know from the Escort Agency has a place down there and said that his favourite escorts were free to use it for a summer party anytime we liked. I saw a picture of the quaint little fishing village on the internet recently: St Ives is officially the most expensive place for the average price of property outside of London and the South East and the article was about restricting second home ownership. Anyway, the place looks stunning and at least three of the sexy blonde escorts I hang out with were up for a hedonistic week of partying into the small hours. But then there is the weather.

To be fair when I am letting my hair down I tend to be up all night and sleeping all day. It could be that the weather would be inconsequential to my trip to the Cornish coast. On the other hand I was shown some photographs of the luxury pad by my gentleman friend and it looks totally amazing. It’s super hip in a modern, minimalist style with a roof terrace which is mostly secluded and just perfect for an al fresco sunbathing session in the nude. Good job it’s secluded – just imagine half a dozen busty escorts rubbing sun tan oil into each other’s hot and lithe bodies and what that image in the flesh could do to a retired Colonel in Cornwall! LOL.

It’s a conundrum really because I am used to jetting off to Ibiza or the South coast of Spain and getting more than my fair share of sun as well as male attention I might add but I just balk at the high cost of foreign travel post Brexit. It’s almost one to one with the pound and the euro!

Last year I went to Magaluf with a stunning blonde friend called Abby. Abby is a real party girl and makes me look tame in comparison. On a night out with Abby you are sure to have some sexy fun as she is just a real vixen when it comes to flirting with guys. The best moment was when we were seating in a sea front café enjoying a cool spritzer on a sun terrace when Abby began nudging her knees against mine under the table. I quickly worked out what she was up to – there was an elderly chap wearing a boating captain’s cap approaching the bar from the jetty. Abby whispered to me, asking if I thought the guy might have his own boat and did I fancy a day out sunbathing at sea? Well, I am up for anything so why not I thought.

I’m not going to go into details here. Suffice to say the old sea dog had plenty of life left in him and yes, he did have his own boat. What made things even better was that he had a young girlfriend who also liked to party. The champagne flowed and everyone enjoyed fun in the sun – or to be precise fun in the sun, fun in the cabin and basically fun all over the boat.

Well, that memory has made my mind up. I’m off to check out the online deals. I’ll text some of the girls to see which escorts are up for it and then I’m off – this sexy senorita is off to sunny Spain!

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