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Panda - monium!

There was a delightful story doing the rounds of the popular press last week about some panda conservationists in South West China rearing a cub by dressing up as pandas themselves. The idea is to help the panda cub get used to its own appearance and species. When the cub is old enough it will be released into the wild. Along with playing with his human panda impersonators the cub is also moved to different living environments on a regular basis – with a higher terrain and more challenging environment each time to better prepare the little one for life ‘in the real world’.

I was interested in the article mostly because of the accompanying picture of the dressed up conservationists. There’s something strange about this – it’s almost as if you are a child again and your cuddly toys are alive. Though to be honest I never had any cuddly toys as I was deprived. Deprived, not depraved, that came later.

Anyway, it made me realise that it’s quite common indeed, this dressing up as furry cute animals thingy. Take Trading Places which should have won an Oscar simply for the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis takes off her top. If there is a sexier breast scene in cinema please let me know. What a babe she was. Back to the point. There is a scene at a fancy dress party where the heroes dress up the baddy in a gorilla outfit and lock him up with a feisty, horny male guerrilla in a cage at the back of a train. Very funny.

Did you know that Essex Escorts serves the whole of the region including Billericay, Brentwood and Basildon?

In the late nineties I used to enjoy the clips in the ‘breaks’ from shows like Frasier. These clips would feature ‘up and coming’ comedians and I remember seeing Ali G, Borat and Bruno long before they were particularly well known and successful film characters. Another of the comedians featured was Dom Jolley and in his spots there would often be people dressed as animals mugging other people dressed as animals in the street. It shouldn’t work, but it did, it was hilarious.

In the Harry Hill tv show, TV Burp there are often comic scenes with people dressed up as animals, though to be fair he also has people dressed up as knives and spoons, clocks, bottles of ketchup, asparagus and more... all hilarious, but the furry animal dressing up is definitely the best. Excellent.

So which is better, a beautiful English Escort in a tight fitting, sexy dress with a thigh split and a low cut top OR a beautiful Visiting Escort naked beneath a panda outfit? I know which I would choose but then I’m kinky. Failing that, there’s only one way to find out! Fight!

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