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Damita Janet!

I remember thinking Janet Jackson was hot, hot, hot back in the day but the lady doesn’t seem to know when to quit. It’s always sad when your idols who bestrode the world stage like a colossus are revealed to be as human as the rest of us. Some manage to hold back the years, think Sharon Stone, Madonna and Halle Berry but for most the inexorable creep of time will leave its mark. For ordinary people this is the way it is, when you have lived your life under a spotlight it must be a terrible wake-up call when that first wrinkle appears, a grey hair emerges or a few pounds build up on your abdomen and are incredibly hard to shift.

And so it is with the once great Janet Jackson. The busty escort lookalike in her trademark tight fitting pvc and leather outfits is not in the great shape she once was. In fact she probably needs to go to the maternity section at Dorothy Perkins if she wants a leather body suit to fit! Photographs of disco girl Janet are plastered across the tabloids this week and all are less than complimentary. In one it looks as if she has squeezed into a suite three sizes too small. Her fulsome bosom is there for all the world to see, no costume disaster required like when she sang at the two thousand and four Super Bowl and her chest fell out when a fastener failed.

Yes, this girl used to be able to gyrate with the best but unlike that other middle aged soul diva, Madonna, Janet just hasn’t put in those all important gym hours. (What a bitch you are, ED.) To be fair she still has, at least some, of the moves that made her famous and helped to push her album sales into the millions. And whilst she will never match her deceased brother’s chart success she is at least still performing and pulling in the crowds.

One of the most sexy and popular girls at Harlow Escorts is a big fan of Janet – I hope she isn’t reading this (don’t worry, nobody is, Ed.) – and likes to mimic her style. I’ll send her of to Millett’s then because she will need to shop for a tent. But then the men of Ilford, Purfleet and beyond would quickly depart Essex and abandon the services of Essex Escorts should the aforesaid escort pile on the pounds, Janet style and change her signature sexy style for something more weeble like.

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